Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dev. Diary One Project brawler Con

Project brawler Con is the working title of my next game. It will be a old school Beat 'em up in the spirit of older games like golden ax, river city ransom, and even some newer ones like castle crashers. So were am I development wise? Pretty good actually. I started with the movement which is 8 way directional and allows for wall sliding so it feels smooth. In addition you can jump and land on platforms with a different height than the ground.
Deciding this was a good point to stop I played some games for reference. I'm glad I did.
 Coming back I shifted the perspective to be near isometric (2:1) and cut the players vertical speed in half to mach the shift. I also added the ability to sprint and some very basic game pad support.

 Next time I should have some fighting in there but this is all for now.

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