Friday, February 17, 2012

Little big planet 2 levels

I'm a big fan of little big planet 1 & 2 and have been creating levels for some time.
One thing I try to always remember when I'm making a level is to try and do something different every time.
I've created many levels but I have only published three levels to date:
Based on the story "At the mountains of madness" by h. p. lovecraft this beautiful and unsettling level will take you up the mountains and beyond.Queen Bee's Honey RaveSack boy is invited to queen bee's honey rave but will you make to the party before it's to late? find your way through a truly beautiful level inside an amazing bee hive to find out in this fanciful multi-stage adventure from sonicrumpets!

Sonicrumpets slowly falling rush-in blocks challenge

Test your skills with sonicrumpets tetris inspired survival challenge slowly falling rush-in blocks. How long can you last?

You can find all my Levels for little big planet 2 by flowing this link.