Friday, March 22, 2013

Dev. Diary One. Baba Yaga (working tile)

Well what can I say about my current project Baba Yaga ? Not much actually In fact I can say very little so why talk about it at all? Well-- I it might have something to do with the two other dev. diary's on my blog. Two projects that I never finished but developed enough to know two things.
One:  That the first was not fun.
Two: That I should hold off on the second till I finish the third-- 
that third game is what I'm now working on.

First of what can I tell you? Well It's a platformer It'll be challenging is several ways and it's got a killer story and setting that I'm very excited about and it will be in 720P. You might be wondering how far along the project is-- I can tell you the platforming part of the game is finished but there is so much more to
it that there's still a lot to get done.

Like I said it's too early to tell you much.