Mine CO. Adventures Minecraft Texture pack

Currently supported Minecraft version: 1.2.5

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 Welcome Intrepid explorers to Sonicrumpets Mine CO. Adventures Minecraft Texture pack.

The Mine CO. Adventures pack Is a native resolution (16x16) texture set with a turn of the century mining theme. It's based on a fun story Involving Two waring Companies Mine CO. and The Evil Creeper Corp. You of course work for Mine CO. and must mine to create amazing structures and explore distant lands.
Your enemy Is none other than Creeper Corp. they aim to destroy your wondrous creations no mater what!

Featuring custom water and lava, GUI's, armor, Tools, paintings, mobs, Biome's weather and more. Mine CO. has new graphics for everything else you see while plying Minecraft.

Mine CO. Adventures offers the Highest quality 16x textures around. It's like having a high resolution texture pack with none of the lag! 

· All terrain
· GUI & hud
· Custom water, lava, rain, clouds, pumpkin helmet blur etc.
· All mobs
· All in game Armor
· All Items including Boats, carts, signs, moon, beds, Item Icons etc.

Currently supported Minecraft version: 1.0.0

The Mine CO. Adventures Halloween Edition Offers the same features as the normal pack but with a spooky Halloween spin on your favorite textures!