Saturday, April 23, 2011

Facebook games

I’ve had it with Facebook games. If your playing Frontier Town, Farm Ville, Zombie Lane, Cafe World, City Ville etc.  Don’t you realize your playing the same thing over and over again I did and quickly I might add.  You nor I were/are not investing our time in a type of game that fosters innovation and growth of gaming as a medium. Instead your telling developers it’s OK to release a shell of a game and that you like micro transactions. Your saying I enjoy mechanics that limit the quality and time I get with My game and I’m willing to pay them with My money for content that should be in the game to begin with! This way of thinking is spreading dangerously though out the games industry and it‘s not a good thing.
But you tell me this game is FREE and I don’t spend money on micro transactions. All I can say Is this How much of your time has gone into playing this game and what have you really gotten back for the time you have lost? If I had to guess I say the only thing you’ve truly gotten back or learned from you Facebook game is this: Get all your friends to play, always come back, trade with your buddy to keep them in the game, send in game status updates to remind your friends of the game and most importantly left click never EVER right click and then repeat.
If you truly enjoy this mindless recreation I can let it go but for the love of god Go! Please go and spend five or twenty bucks on an Indy game or a AAA Title I promise you’ll get more enjoyment and experiences out of it.

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  1. You know what has been annoying me so much lately is that gaming is becoming so much for the masses that they are dumbing down gaming too much.
    Perfect examples are The Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises. Both were very good (or at least decent RPG) first games. And both second games lost most of their RPGness and became easy games that anyone could play with very little micro-managing. RPG games are suppose to be all about finding the right piece of armor and the right weapon for each character. The right spell combo or skill combo for each character. And now they are making auto-level ups for everyone, or with the latest Dragon Age you only were able to change the armor for the main character. Was very disappointing. I hear the new Elderscrolls game that will be coming out at the end of the year will be doing similar things.
    It just sucks that people who started gaming at a young age like we did, and really got into gaming and know it for what it is really meant to be there for get screwed because these big company's are now trying to appeal to the masses. I understand why they do it, to make the money, yeah makes sense. Just sucks.