Friday, October 1, 2010

Some thoughts on art and criticism

As I sit here working on a personal project I'm redoing some Illustrations for I find myself realizing that when it comes to the mater of creative feedback I now find myself usually wanting to trust my instincts rather than the sometimes well meaning but unhelpful input of others.

It really comes down to a communication problem and a stigma nowadays that any criticism is bad. Now it’s true that there’s a lot of art theory and terminology that quite often goes over most folks heads but at the end of the day after I put myself through the agony of seeking out some constructive criticism I usually end up more unsure about my next course of action or weather I was better off before.

Some of the types of responses from such bad critics are usually as follows:

The “It’s the best ever” response.

     These people are the ones who for some reason think that a being constructive critic means giving nothing but complements and stating how much they like what ever it is you happened to show them without giving a reason for doing so. In my experience they usually don’t know how to critique something or more likely are the type of person who doesn’t like criticism or thinks criticizing your work is akin to insulting you.

The “It‘s not my thing but it‘s good.” response.

     These are the ones who have decided for what ever reason that they don’t like what your showing them because it’s not something that’s in their comfort zone of what they can relate to. Sometimes this reaction can be really bad especially when it seems that the person you just showed your art to acts like you’re their personal H.R. Giger to their Thomas Kinkade. Any hope you had of a thoughtful opinion is usually lost due to the fact that they will now do their best to not offend you.

The “this is how I do it and your ill-informed for not coming to the same conclusion.” response.

     This is usually someone who has decided that they are the authority on such topics as the one your seeking an opinion on and that your blessed for having their final word on the matter. We all hate this one and this is one of those cases were I usually don’t bother.

There are others but I suppose my point is that although I do enjoy getting input from others it's not always helpful and when it comes to certain choices my first instincts are usually not to far of from were I end up in the end.

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