Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pixar Shares artwork from Newt , *pout*

Pixar Shares artwork from now defunct film Newt. It's a shame I was looking forward to seeing this, however I'm sure they had a good reason for not proceeding with the production, on a similar note if they decided to drop this in favor of oh say Cars 2 or Monsters inc. 2 I might be a little miffed.

Ok, I'm miffed, Mostly because that is indeed what appears to have happened also this marks (to my knowledge) the first time Pixar has flat out canceled a feature this far along and the disappointing thing is we aren't going to see any original properties out of the studio for some time. Another concern about this is from what I know of Pixar, when one of your projects has a problem you work it out and your usually better for it, this is what they did on Ratatouille however this time they just canceled something in the production pipe line, and went with the safer bet of cranking out a few sequels. To sum up my point I’m just concerned that maybe we’re getting a to much Disney in are Pixar and not enough Pixar in are Disney.

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Newt and the above art is owned by Disney/Pixar

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